e-Books for Accessibility

e-Books are books in digital format and are very small in size. A printed book of about 300 pages becomes about 300 KB only when converted into e-Book. e-Books can be heard by blind in cell phones with Text To Speech(TTS) software in Accessibility features in Android phones and iOS phones. TTS for English and Hindi are now available in Android phones. TTS for Telugu will be available soon.

e-Books for Computer Knowledge and Banking Awareness produced by Samrita Trust will be available by 15 April 2016. Blind students who are members can get them by phone call to 8886312356. Blind students who are not members of Samrita Trust can become ¬†members by going to ‘Membership on Line’ in http://www.samritatrust.org

2 thoughts on “e-Books for Accessibility

  1. its a very good support initiated by samritatrust inorder to facilitate the blind students to live a gentleman life and give them strength to earn and live along with common man i appreciate the work of samritatrust as by using these digital books will enhance their knowledge base and help to get placed in reputed government and private jobs. we have went to website and will refer your website http://www.samirtatrust.org to all my friends as well to share this very important information to spread wide across to all my know and increase the awareness about the good work started by samrita turst and congratulations of the new digital books which are going to be available tomorrow as well and i believe this trust will have a lot more memberships of blind students and employees who should get benefits given by samrita turst.


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